Good Comments of MZL Floor Scrubber from Agent
Good Comments of MZL Floor Scrubber from Agent

Good Comments of MZL Floor Scrubber from Agent---Walk-behind Auto Operated-Battery Cleaning Machine

It's so pleasant to hear the good comments from our MZL agent----" The machines work well on the batteries as expected. The F50 can run for 6 to 7 hours on the batteries without recharging. The F60 can run for 10 hours without recharging. they only work in normal mode, not in ECO. The machines are charged overnight and then used again the next day. so they have been working for the past two weeks without any problems. because the machines are working well, they are now being tested in a different place for the same company and consider to order 50 pieces again"---How about the feeling after you view it?

No matter what setbacks we experienced, we all adhere to quality as the first. For example, we spend time finding the right and trustworthy suppliers, and finally, we find like-minded partners. Now everything keeps stable progress. And one of our important mission is to find more and more potential cooperation partners.

Only $X99 can get one sample, then you will get unexpected results. So just send mail to [email protected]

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