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Mini battery walk-behind floor scrubber vacuum cleaning machine
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Main functions
■ Suitable for aisles such as offices, office buildings, supermarkets, etc.
■ According to the roughness of the ground, the water volume can be automatically adjusted;
■ 170-degree folding handles to satisfy people of all heights;
■ The turning radius can be flexibly adjusted, and the corner area can be easily cleaned;
■ One-click start; The height of the brush plate can be adjusted to reduce resistance
■ ECO energy saving mode,The endurance time can reach 5.5h.

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Features: Mini-size walk-behind of floor scrubber machines, will be the best choice for small area

Usage: Office, Supermarket, Shop, Lobby, Hospital, School,Restaurant, Exhibition, halls, Cafes,Cinemas, Leisure clubs, Fitness center, and other different floors;

F-30 small size competitive floor scrubber machine Specification

No Item Name Parameters
1 Brush/Squeegee width 430mm/630mm
2 Suction/recovery tank capacity 27L/30L
3 Working Efficiency 1500 square meters per hour
4 Max Duration 5.5H @ECO
5 Brush/Suction Motor 350w/310w
6 Battery 12V*2(85Ah maintenance-free)
7 Net Weight 51kgs
8 Products Size 900*575*700/1200mm

Highlight MZL mini-size adjustable handle floor scrubber machine

*Detachable water tank and it will be easy for us to clean it

*Clean, brush and inhale together and easily for us to 170-degree

*180 degree adjustable harm and it will be easy for us to clean any corners

*With light weight and easily for us to do commercial business

Walk-behind MZL mini-size Floor scrubber details

As the factory &Manufacturer,we have the CE &ROHS and other necessary certificate for all of our sweepers and floor scrubbers.

If you have some problems about Walk Behind Floor Scrubber, or want to know more details about Floor Scrubber, Sweeper, etc. Welcome to contact us!

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