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Purification double disk automatic floor cleaning machine battery operated

Main functions
■ Spray purification / anti-static, reduce dust
■ Efficient work / Work efficiency up to 5500m2/h;
■ No MOQ requirements and 2 years guarantee
■ Induction seat, when the driver leaves the seat, the machine will stop moving forward
■ Local pressurization / According to the ground conditions, local pressurization and cleaning agent can be added;
■ ECO mode / Single charge working width up to 33000m2;
■ Failure reminder 1 Automatic shutdown to avoid accidents;
■ Automatic deceleration when turning / Speed limit function when turning, suitable for novice operation;

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With Purification and disinfection effect during the COVID-19 situation and our new floor scrubber machine can help us to keep safe.


Features: Big size with disinfecting effect of ride-on floor cleaning machine,super-automatic cleaning model

Usage: Supermarket, Shop, Hospital, School, Exhibition halls, Cinemas, Leisure clubs, Workshop, Warehouse, Instate, and other different building floors;

F-110A big-size floor scrubber riding-on cleaning machine Specification

No Item Name Parameters
1 Squeegee width 1050mm
2 Suction/recovery tank capacity 125L/130L
3 Working Efficiency 5100 square meters per hour
4 Max Duration 6.5H @ECO
5 Brush/Suction Motor 550w*2/600w
6 Battery 6V*4(240Ah maintenance-free)
7 Net Weight 441kgs
8 Products Size 1520*1050*1270mm

The benefits of MZL F-110A riding-on cleaning floor scrubber machine

*With 8L atomization tank capacity and it will help our occasion always keep clear and safe

*With seat switch and it will always make all of us keep safe

*Code failure report and we will know the problem easily and solve the issues soon

*Intelligent control panel and we will operate all of the fuction with panel

Ride-on MZL Commercial Floor scrubber details


Floor scrubber factory profile:

Mazhaoli (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on the production of cleaning equipment, integrated product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. The R&D team combines more than 10 years of marketing research and design experience,draws on domestic and overseas advanced production technology, incorporates modern design concepts and intelligent operating systems, developed high quality scrubbers and sweepers that are easy to operate. The high quality products are popular in domestic and abroad.

Adhering to the belief of "survive by quality and development by science and technology", the company strives to create first-class modern cleaning equipment to make cleaning work easy and fun! We sincerely hope to cooperate with clients from all parts of the world and work together to maintain a high quality environment for our lives and work,We stand for quality and service

If you have some problems about Ride-on Floor Scrubber , or want to know more details about Floor Scrubber, Sweeper, etc. Welcome to contact us!

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The floor is difficult to clean, but it doesn't have to be! Using one of our Hard Floor Cleaning Machine, Tile Floor Cleaning Machine, and Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine make cleaning a lot easier. Our best range can help with everything from full-featured mopping to basic mopping.

We offer a wide selection of Floor Cleaning Machine to our valued customers. We provide products that make floor cleaning easier and faster. These cleaners can get rid of tough stains and spots that other products couldn't get rid of. The floors can also be deodorized and dried to give them a fresh, clean appearance.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Durability
  3. Energy efficiency

Electric Floor Cleaner Range Properties And Advantages

  1. Better Cleaning Results

The purification double disk automatic floor cleaning machine battery operated rollers easily slide the floor cleaner across the floor and may perform many wiping strokes in one pass.

  1. Effortless Cleaning Of The Floors

There will be no more scrubbing by hand. Thanks to a self-cleaning feature, there's no need to waste time wringing out mops because the dirt is permanently eliminated from the rollers. In addition, the removable fresh and dirty water tanks eliminate the need to lug a bucket everywhere.

So what are you looking for? Buy Tile Floor Cleaning Machines in USA.

  1. All Hard Flooring Is Compatible With This Product

Because our hard floor cleaning machines for home have a low residual moisture content, they can be used on almost any hard surface (stone, tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, etc.). In no time at all, the floors can be walked on again.

  1. Cleaning The Edges To Perfection

Our Floor Cleaning Machines for Commercial Use offers great cleaning results in corners and along edges, unlike other hard floor cleaners that place the drive on edge, preventing you from cleaning right up to the edges.

  1. Rollers That Can Be Washed

The microfiber rollers are simple to install and remove. The rollers can also be machine washed at up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No more squandered money (and trash) on disposable pads!

You can clean with just water in our hard tile cleaning machine products for sale and New & Refurbished Floor Scrubbing Machines for Sale, or you can add a little cleaning solution to assist remove debris and impart a clean shine.

For more queries, contact Floor Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers in USA and Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Machines of 2022.

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