What is floor scrubber and why can we choose the floor scrubber machines
What is floor scrubber and why can we choose the floor scrubber machines

The floor scrubber machines are cleaning all kinds of the floors machines, which has environmental protection,energy-saving, and high-efficiency features, also the machine is not only cleaning the floor but also taking the sewage water away together.
Usually, industrial floor cleaning machines have medium &mini ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubber machine, which has a super compact design, low noise,washing&suction together, and are easy to operate. Meantime, the floor scrubber machine will be low maintenance cost, high efficiency, and a faster-cleaning effect. If we want to save cost and speed cleaning up, our MZL floor cleaning machine will be a good choice. We have different machines to match different sizes requirements.
After adding proper detergent, the floor washer machine can clean all kinds of stains, such as oil stains, dust dirt, dirty water, offset tire marks, and so on in one round trip. When we deal with the cleaning manual, we need to use a broom to sweep the dust away first, then a mop to clean it. It will be a waste of so much time also with high labor costs. When we choose the floor washer machine, it will wash, brush and inhale three in one without any mark, also the machine can be used in corners, narrow channels, and other special areas.
If we choose the ride-on washing machine, it can clean 3000-5000 square meters per hour; If we choose a walk-behind hand pushed floor cleaning machine, it usually can clean 2000 square meters per hour, so why don't choose automatic floor scrubber machines? Meantime, the floor scrubber machine only needs low power consumption per day and cheap quick-wear accessories. But the auto cleaning machine has high efficiency, fast speed, and easy management features, and we believe it will become common &very popular in the cleaning industry. So let's catch the trends and go ahead.
Floor cleaning machine is mainly used for floor cleaning in hotels, parks, squares, factories, shopping mall, supermarket, warehouse, restaurant, and other commercial occasion. Also the cleaning machine with fully functional and high performance, suitable for cleaning all hard ground such as the ceramic floor, stone floor, epoxy floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, plastic floor, glass tile, PVC floor, and so on.
There are a variety of brushes for floor washing machines, but there are mainly two kinds of brushes on the market: disc type and drum type. We need to choose different brushes according to different use environments, for example, we will choose a soft brush for the epoxy floor, use a medium hardness brush for the marble floor, and final use a hard brush for the cement floor. That means we need to choose the proper brushes for the different floors, otherwise, it will damage the floor, and also it can not clean the floor up. All of us know the floor scrubber machine has a solution and a recovery tank, it will work separately. When we use the automatic floor scrubber machines, it will create a wash, brush, and pinhole together. The speed is usually 40-60 times by manual.
Now there have different sizes of the cleaning machines and it will match different area occasion, as the professional manufacturer and only focus on floor scrubber machines, we always provide the best solution to our clients according to the real usage, so just let me know your requirements, I believe MZL floor scrubber machine can help you choose the right machines.

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